Based in the media hub of Atlanta, Georgia.  Filmwerks Media Group is a Media consulting organization that produces high impact video, amazing digital photography and stunning graphics for the commercial and private sectors. Founded by Award winning independent videographer and still photographer Shawn Badgett, Filmwerks Media Group represents a new approach to the creation of video media through the employment of small multitalented crews and the latest in digital video/photo technology.  Whether we become your in-house outsourced media production facility, or simply an extension of your creative team, Filmwerks Media Group will help deliver your message and reach your target audience.
Why Filmwerks Media Group?

Is Filmwerks Media Group the only partner who can provide video/print production services to your company? Probably not. However, we are looking to develop relationships with our clients, not just generate business. You want a production company who understands your industry, your business, and the pressures that are driving you to look for solutions. You want to partner with an organization that delivers on the expectations that it sets - and you want your production company to care about the business outcomes you need to achieve when implementing new solutions and work with you to make sure the solutions deliver the results your company is looking for.